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12 Feb 2020

Tez tries to try on the Broncos Jersey that Currently Covers His Son?!

Tez' Pre-Season Training! Reclaim that Broncos Jersey from my Son before the First Home Game on 20th March?!

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04 Feb 2020

Tez Has to Get his Calories Down and Build His Muscle Up to Take that Fat Off

Never Been a Calorie Counter but with the Help of Doctors Kitchen I hope to fit back into the Broncos shirt that I was given that I had to give to my Son?! Problem is that the first home game is only 10 weeks away? I am a Small XXL and the shirt is Large Medium?!

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26 Jan 2020

Tez' Pre-Season Training! Reclaim that Broncos Jersey from my Son before the First Home Game on 20th March

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16 Feb 2018

One Month and 5kg Down! How Every Kilo Tez Loses Makes You Money!

This year with Real Food Dietary Guidance from Jason Woodforth from Weight Management Revolution and training and support http://DADBODS.NET.AU I am taking my body back to the workshop and finding my way back to fitness and vitality that will last for the rest of my life! – In 6 MONTHS!

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29 Jan 2018

4kg Down in a Fortnight! Winning at Weightloss is all in the Supplementary Numbers! But why are Jason's Numbers So High?! Jason has the Supplement Research to back the Results Here...

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22 Jan 2018

Week 2 and down 2.5kg! How the Super Sprout Salad is changing Tez from the Inside!

Why would you get up at 5am on a Sunday Morning to hunt down the ingredients for a Super Sprout Salad at Northey Street Organic Markets?! [Especially when you get up at 3.15 on Weekdays?!] Getting REAL with REAL FOOD!

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19 Jan 2018

If You Do the Same Things, You Get The Same Results! That's why I'm Trying my first TRY-Athlon

The Exercise Pillar of the New Me [Or Getting Back to the Old Me] is based on having someone to train with and training towards a Goal: My co-Trainers are the DADBODS. You can see the many things we have done and the way we support each other both physically and mentally in previous blog posts. Having to show up to not let a mate down is great motivation. even if we don't feel up to it, we never tell each other, so there are no excuses.

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15 Jan 2018

Add 3kg a year to see what happens to this guy!

Since I stepped on stage in the INBA 2010 Qld Natural Physique Titles , I have progressively gained weight with some fluctuation for 7 years. This regression has come from choices that I made that benefitted my work and my family, but left me fat, unfunny and fatigued - NO MORE!

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20 Jan 2017

The aptly named GOLD COAST MERMAID Marina took the DAD BODS through an Aquatic and at times Artistic Workout?!

DAD BODS 2.0 Mission was “Train to a Goal” committing to a grueling Night Attack Obstacle Course on Saturday 3rd Dec at Robina. 973fmTez and Best Mate Brett were joined by 4 More DAD BODS: Anthony, James Paul and Tim to make up a 6 Pack and hope to get one along the way!

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