24 Oct 2022

Finally the FINALE?!

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24 Oct 2022

Hours before the Final Weigh In Tez Thanks All the Charities, Trainers and Events that have Hopefully Helped Him Achieve His Goal?!

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17 Oct 2022

After the One Week to Go Weigh In, Tez Announces a Secret Weapon in His Corner! Week 24: 94.25kg

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15 Oct 2022

Tez Wears Two Shirts to Take a 10k Hike for Autism

I dropped a Vowel and Mispronounced UBX [U-Box] due to excitement: Week 23: 96.6 kg!

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11 Oct 2022

Tez Gets a Boost from a Boxing Champion to Help Train Towards His Goal

Can Tez Absorb the Sweat of a Champion?!

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07 Oct 2022

Jeff "The Hornet" Horn invited me for a Walk then Things Escalated?!

Is this the sort of Challenge I need to Lose 25kg in 25 weeks?!

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30 Sep 2022

The Team Taste Meat Pies while Terry Weighs In?!

Cruel and Unusual Punishment at the Weigh In, but a Great Result At Last! [Week 21 98.2kg]

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23 Sep 2022

Terry suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction Swimming at Yeronga Pool while training for the Raby Bay Tri-Athlon.

Every Year Tez Trains Just Enough to Swim 200 Metres without Drowning?! Finally the Chlorine got to his Shorts Cord?!

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13 Sep 2022

Rudy Belmonte is one of the Great Blokes, Trainers, Characters and Motivators Tez has met on his way to Losing 25kg in 25weeks.

But Can Tez Keep Up with Rudy's Pad Work for a Full 3 Minutes in the Ring to get those Kilos Down?!

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11 Sep 2022

Can Cycling for Cancer for 100ks in 7 Days Break the Three Digit HooDoo?!

Tez needs to get on his Bike if he's going to Lose 25KGS IN 25 WEEKS?!

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28 Aug 2022

How will a Cape a Mask and a Minion Cap Inspire Tez to Run the Bridge to Brisbane Without Stopping?!

#DontStopTerry! 10km without Stopping from the Bridge to Brisbane and just a few Kilos to get under 100kg!

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13 Aug 2022

Brisbane Schools "encourage" Tez Not To Stop on His 30km Kokoda Challenge

Tez can't lose 25kg in 25 weeks without three words from Brisbane "DON'T STOP TERRY!" [Week 15 Almost 13kg Down]

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12 Aug 2022

How do you ride from Japan to NZ?!

What are these two men carrying 16,500km to the Rugby World Cup?!

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03 Aug 2022

What Challenge Awaits Terry if he DOESN'T LOSE 25kg in 25 Weeks?!

My Daughter wants me to Lose the Weight for My Health. She doesn't want me to do What Robin is Suggesting! Neither Do I?!

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29 Jul 2022

Why is All Brisbane Yelling DONT STOP TERRY?!

Tez has only 4 weeks to prepare for the 10km Bridge to Brisbane?! First he has to run the 5km Wishart Parkrun Non-Stop!

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22 Jul 2022

How Can a Red Wine Maccas Combo Help Tez to his Goal Weight?!

Week 12 Weigh In Creates a Great Result! But can what Tez has been Missing Out on Combined with What he'll do Next provide the Biggest Results?!

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01 Jul 2022

TOP 5 Sneaky Drinks Tez Must Avoid in DRY JULY

Tez needs to cut back his drinking which is attached to his snacking if he's to be any chance of losing 25 kg in 25 Weeks?!

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24 Jun 2022

Comedian Ross Noble gives Tez a Genius Tip for Massive Weight Loss while Eating Chocolate?!

After a Week on the Act for Peace Ration Challenge and 3139 Push Ups in 24 Days for Movember Tez drops another 3kg to be almost 9kg down after 8 Weeks!

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19 Jun 2022

Masterchef Jock Zonfrillo gives Tez Recipes for the Act for Peace Refugee Ration Challenge

Having stalled at just under 6kg down in 7 weeks, Tez has to address his Calorie Intake while Highlighting a Great Global Charity.

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12 Jun 2022

Tez gives a 2 minute Cycling Tour of How He Rode Brissie to the Bay

6 Weeks in and almost 6kg down, Tez turns to the 50k Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride to Burn Calories and Support MS

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03 Jun 2022

How do you break down 3139 Push Ups in 24 Days of Breakfast Radio?

Robin and Kip get involved with Terry's Plan to Lose 25kg in 25 Weeks. 5 week Weigh In: 4.45kg Lost.110.55kg

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26 May 2022

Can a DAWN ATHLETIC SWEAT SESH get Tez Back On Track?!

Having put on much of the weight he'd lost, Tez gets Back on Track to be Down 2.5kg after 4 Weeks.

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22 May 2022

Is it Possible to Workout on One and a Half Legs?!

Why is Tez Lying Groaning on the KIIS973FM Studio Floor?!

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16 May 2022

Tez Strikes a Deal to Eat His Wife's Spaghetti with a Glass of Red!

Never Been a Calorie Counter but with the Help of Doctors Kitchen he hopes to Pay for a Bowl of his Wife's Spag Bol and a Glass of Red, without blowing his Diet?!

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15 May 2022

25kg in 25 Weeks Charity Walks Rides Swims and Runs Week 3

Tez joins FOOT PATROL on their Final 16km Training Walk for KOKODA CHALLENGE Brookfield. Weight Loss after Week 2: 2.9kg Darkness to Daylight Challenge 36km

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09 May 2022

25kg in 25 Weeks Charity Walks Rides Swims and Runs Week 2

Tez gets on his best PINK for the Mothers Day Classic [8KM] and Learns a Little while He Loses Kilos. Weight Loss after Week 1: 1.7kgs D2D Challenge 20km

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01 May 2022

25KG IN 25 WEEKS Charity Walks Runs Rides and Swims Week 1

First of May is the beginning of Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Month. So Tez joined Men's Walk and Talk [6km] from The Hope Hub at Westfield Carindale to Hannah's Place.

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29 Apr 2022

25kg in 25 weeks Charity Walks, Runs, Rides and Swims

Tez is hoping to Lose 25kg in 25 Weeks by Training for, Participating in and Promoting Charity Walks, Runs, Rides and Swims.

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12 Feb 2020

Tez tries to try on the Broncos Jersey that Currently Covers His Son?!

Tez' Pre-Season Training! Reclaim that Broncos Jersey from my Son before the First Home Game on 20th March?!

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16 Feb 2018

One Month and 5kg Down! How Every Kilo Tez Loses Makes You Money!

This year with Real Food Dietary Guidance from Jason Woodforth from Weight Management Revolution and training and support http://DADBODS.NET.AU I am taking my body back to the workshop and finding my way back to fitness and vitality that will last for the rest of my life! – In 6 MONTHS!

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29 Jan 2018

4kg Down in a Fortnight! Winning at Weightloss is all in the Supplementary Numbers! But why are Jason's Numbers So High?! Jason has the Supplement Research to back the Results Here...

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15 Jan 2018

Add 3kg a year to see what happens to this guy!

Since I stepped on stage in the INBA 2010 Qld Natural Physique Titles , I have progressively gained weight with some fluctuation for 7 years. This regression has come from choices that I made that benefitted my work and my family, but left me fat, unfunny and fatigued - NO MORE!

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20 Jan 2017

The aptly named GOLD COAST MERMAID Marina took the DAD BODS through an Aquatic and at times Artistic Workout?!

DAD BODS 2.0 Mission was “Train to a Goal” committing to a grueling Night Attack Obstacle Course on Saturday 3rd Dec at Robina. 973fmTez and Best Mate Brett were joined by 4 More DAD BODS: Anthony, James Paul and Tim to make up a 6 Pack and hope to get one along the way!

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01 Dec 2016

SMART CLINICS want to get behind ALL DAD BODS to get your Head Straight and Body Right to Go BEFORE taking on an Exercise Program!

BEFORE you start your DAD BOD CHALLENGE, SMART CLINICS want to check you out an make sure you are Ready to Go and Set to Succeed! They will waive your out of pocket expenses on your first evaluation.

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02 Nov 2016

Jackson Lennan puts the DAD BODS in some New Positions to make them More MOBILE on their way to NIGHT ATTACK?!

DAD BODS Mission is “Train to a Goal” committing to a grueling Night Attack Obstacle Course on Saturday 3rd Dec at Robina. 973fmTez and Best Mate Brett are joined by 4 More DAD BODS: Anthony, James Paul and Tim to make up a 6 Pack and hope to get one along the way!

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19 May 2016

Masterchef's Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan Try to Guess the Ingredients of DAD BOD Tez' Green Goop Vege Tonic?!

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15 Mar 2016

An Unexpected 21st Birthday Present on my 55th Birthday

A Mate of a Mate went looking back to 1995 and found me doing The Hard Yards

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05 Mar 2016

"Next thing you know my tail is gonna fall off! That's just the sort of day I'm having." Eyeore from Winnie the Pooh or My Dog Mia?

Our 9 year old Border Collie?-Cattle Dog?-Staffy-[Insert Guess Here?]-Cross Dog MIA is possibly the saddest Dog I know!

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23 Feb 2016

How to Announce an Award for the study of haploidentical haematopoietic T cell addback with little idea how to Pronounce it and Less Idea What it Means?!

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14 Feb 2016

Which Jokes About My Wife Were Actually Written By My Wife?!

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29 Jan 2016

Whatever Blows These Trees Down has already Blown Your House Away!

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24 Jan 2016

Saving Larry from Lambaggeddon Sam Kekovich

We asked Sam Kekovich to explain to Larry the Lamb why he must be ready to die for our Australia Day Dinner

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