“Tez finds 5 ways how not to take on a Black Belt at one of my Tae Kwon Do classes”.

This week Tez wanted to join me in the ways of my Tae Kwon Do ITF club, Jayahama Enterprise Martial Arts. So we chose a regular weekend ‘tournament’ fitness session which seemed to fit the Dad Bod’s bill.
Our Chief Instructor, Mr Damian, put Tez through his paces from reciting the TKD Oath to some basic skill drills and general fitness conditioning, and I must say Tez’s hand & feet coordination was not too bad.. for a ol’ Dad Bod (like me, lol)!
But, it was not until he met our oldest practising female ITF TKD Black Belt in Australia, Ms Loris, that I truly saw the fear I his eyes! C’mon Tez, remember you’re a Queenslander!!
With lots of encouragement from others in the class, Tez was shown 5 ‘take-down’ self-defence moves by Ms. Loris,
who incidentally is one of the team members representing our club, with her niece Jesinta, (and Australia) at the ITF World Championships in Italy later this year.