Dad Bod’s go heart-to-heart at Orange Theory Fitness” in Aspley.

To begin with I was equally excited and nervous… would my current improved fitness levels (and spec injury management) go the distance of a such a full on 1-hour work-out?

After a tough week at the office, I was ready to rumble and as Tez (now) knows I’m highly competitive and I always push myself very hard! But would this mindset be the “Brettinator’s” kryptonite or will I have enough heart to go-a-round?

We donned our heart-rate monitors and Tez headed straight for the treadmill,… which might still be my Achilles heel (i.e. with any running activity, Tez leaves me for dead), heart-rates at the ready.

The PT for the group class was Heather who seemed nice, but she showed us no mercy! Within minutes she had both of our hearts literally racing on the “tready” into the “Orange” Zone, hence the theory/name for the optimum calorie burn range (>84% max. heart-rate) to ‘earn’ splat points.

Our goal was to each gain at least 12 of these ‘splat points’ for the session, and with lots of encouragement from others in the class for everyone to get there at their own hot pace – as everyone’s heart-rates operate at different optimum levels.

No time for rest or any other types of Oranges at the half-way point, it was straight to the weights mat and rowing machines (for a short recovery pit-stop! seriously wtf!) to finish us off?!

This week’s activity at Orange Theory Fitness literally pushed each of us to our DAD BOD limits! I can definitely say we both finished the week on a calorie-burn ‘high’, with many thanks to the friendly team at OTF Aspley. PS: I think we both earned the right to enjoy a quick beer & snack… and just in time catch the second half of the Friday-night footy on TV. That’s gold!