A Mate of a Mate contacted me for my birthday [50 plus gst – you do the math!] and said I should possibly be celebrating  a 21st Anniversary. He had been looking up Articles from 1995 for a speech he was preparing for his daughter’s twenty-first birthday. He came across this one heralding the arrival of a new Sports Comedy Panel Show for Channel 7 THE HARD YARDS. The line-up makes interesting reading 21 years later. Yes I shared a Panel Desk with Wally”The King” Lewis – extraordinary when you consider what a hopeless schoolboy football player I was. Johanna Griggs had just left swimming and met Gary Sweet, long before Better Homes and Gardens. “AGRO” aka Jamie Dunn was then working with my now Radio Partner Robin Bailey?!  Glen “The Brick with Eyes” Lazarus would have laughed in your face if you told him he would one day be back in Canberra as a Federal Senator.