With storm season approaching we had to drop one of our big pine trees that was leaning towards two neighbours houses. 15 Years ago when we bought our house, like many people we were looking for a Queenslander. How we ended up with a Brick Home with a Fire Place would be a mystery until you saw our Backyard. The bloke who built the house in the 1950’s grew and sold Pine Trees and the last dozen that were growing when he died [I think next to the Fire Place?!] are now over 20 metres tall. So when we bought the house I had an arborist called “Bernie” come to look at the tress. Bernie was bearded way before the hipsters and looked like he’d travelled down from the Ozarks drinking moonshine! I told him, “Some of the neighbours might be concerned about these trees in a storm. What do you reckon?” Bernie stroked his beard and looked the 12 trees up and down and muttered something about how “deep rooted they were”. Then he looked at me in a reassuring way and said, “You Tell Your Neighbours, Whatever Blows These Trees Down, Has Already Blown Their House Away!” Sound advice to this day! 


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