The first month has cleaned up my eating, but I have not yet fully nailed my eating plan. There are few  cheats, and too many drinks and dubious protein choices.

Friends can see the differences in these photos. My face has lost some bulk and the tan from swimming helps, but I know I could have been a few kilos better.

I am feeling stronger and less sore around every joint from every exercise. I have never swum so much and it is giving both strength and opening my breathing out.

I had hoped to be under 100kg by now. I hope to knuckle down more rigidly to the plan and achieve this by the time I do the Try-Athlon on 4th March.

What I do in the next 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months is the difference between a good start and a false start. Looking forward to better photos by my Birthday 15th March!