How Much Did DAD BODS Tez and Brett Improve over the Ten Weeks of DAD BODS 1.0?!

07 Sep 2016

973fm Tez and Best Mate Brett are two DAD BODS who have seen the Big 5-0. They met through the Robin Terry and Bob Breakfast Show on 973fm. Their First 3 Month Mission was to build a Network of Trainers and Sessions through the New #SPARTLE App to Train Past their Old Man Injuries to a Shape Better than Round?

Thanks to all the Gyms and Health and Fitness Professionals in the SPARTLE Network who helped Brett and Tez explore ways to Treat and Train their DAD BODS Better!

While the Aim DAD BODS 1.0 was “Find Ways to Train Around Our Old Man Injuries”, Some Impressive Improvements Were Made that will set us up for DAD BODS 2.0!

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