Destroy Excuses: “with a 12 Round fitness session, and our first Dad Bods fight!”

This training method is based on a simple philosophy to ‘change the way you train’, which is a no frills – train hard/high intensity splits (3mins), train harder (30sec), rest (30sec), go again x12! Just wait until I see Danny Green… he’s got a lot to answer for! Hmmm K

The team at 12 Round were very enthusiastic, accommodating and somewhat bemused by Tez & my enthusiasm to take up the 12 Round challenge on our Dad Bods journey. They tried to reassure us that if we made it to Round 7, we could almost turn professional (not),.. with lots of lol!

Tez & I gave it our best shot… and the Dad Bods were on fire, almost! Thankfully, we survived our ‘first fight’ together, and I think(?) we were definitely punching above our weight?!

PS: it was also a whole LOT of fun! and with no (more) injuries for Toby at Spartle to help me manage. Bonuses all-round!