I met Julia in the same week that we started Drama School and I started Stand-Up at the Original Comedy Store in Sydney.

We were opposite each other in an Impro where I had to “put on an Angry Face” and say “I Love You!” and she had to “put on a Happy Face” and say “I Hate You!” 

She came to my first stand-up gigs and has known since then that she will be part of my material.

If I have a new gag to run by her these days, she doesn’t Laugh, she say “Yeah. That’ll Pay.”

But a couple of gags that I tell are straight from comments Julia has made:

One Morning as I got out of bed, she said: “Nah! I’m going to have a Sex Change. {?!} I’m gonna change to having Sex with someone else!”

As a guy pushed past us on the way up Cradle Mountain, Julia muttered: “That guys got an Altitude Problem. He’s too far up himself!”

The only time I got my own back against her was when I was talking about a gag which implied I was “very well endowed”.

Julia said: ‘ In your Dreams!” I replied: “How would you know? You’re not even in those dreams!”

Both gags still pay to this day!